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Android Apps Development

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Android Apps Development Services

We are the best Apps Development company in India. We are working on Apps Development for various client or industry.

Android Apps Development Services

There is a number of users who have subscribed to mobile business services. If you are not active on mobile business options then there are chances of losing prospective customers. One Core Technology offers android app development services in the USA, INDIA, UK, CANADA, and AUSTRALIA.

What do we do?

Expert consultation

We give the start to end information to our clients. We will give you the best advice and working strategy to develop your business through mobile apps.

Focused Design strategy

There is a lot of competition in online trade. That is why it is necessary to have an uniquely designed and business-focused design strategy. We assure you that you will get the perfect user interface from us and relevant clients for your business by our mobile app.

Completely different way of work

We assure you a flowing work that will be appreciated highly on mobile apps. Our extensive support and technological strategy will make you enable to earn more.

android app development services


As an app development company, we offer a number of services to our clients. We provide you with the following services:

Android app development

We have the developers who have expertise in building android app development software. They are knowledgeable about making Android Software Development Kit (SDK), Android Media APIs, NFC integration & Geo-fencing, OpenGL, 3D graphics, Android Security Architecture, and other technologies to develop android app. We also have android tablet application for our clients.

IOS Application development

This application development program is completely designed for I phone & I pad. Our team refines your imaginative application idea for structuring a drawing in client experience with the goal that Apple's local platform is utilized without bounds. Our group is additionally well versant with the procedure to incorporate Apple's Touch ID, Apple Pay other than different iOS highlights.

Windows phone application development

Our engineers utilize their skill of visual studio IDE, SQL server versatile release, and .Net conservative system to convey Windows applications with superior performance.

BlackBerry application development

We influence the BlackBerry (BB platform development instruments to make rich, amazing BB applications. Our designers have 4+ years experience in utilizing BB instruments like RIM Blackberry SDK, JDE 4.1/4.7, Netbeans to make attractive BB applications.

HTML5 Development

We utilize dexterous development technique to make and convey start to finish HTML5 versatile arrangements meeting your novel business needs. Our designers can make verified, feasible HTML5 versatile applications rapidly and cost-effectively.

android app development usa

Why One Core Technology?

One Core Technology has app developers who will make the featured app which will make you enable to do complete all the tasks in a single app. One Core has structured apps for the USA, CANADA, INDIA, UK, and AUSTRALIA, etc. following are the things that can be happened to your business:

Brand awareness

Our app services will make you enable to promote your brand. These services will increase the presence of your brand on the internet so that it will get identification from the prospective clients. People will get aware of your brand easily.

Increased number of customers

As our app services are fast and instant, you will get an increased number of clients for your products. These services are capable of handling the business tasks; these apps send messages and advertisement to the customers so that customers can get engaged with your products.

Visible to the customer

A normal individual goes through over two hours everyday surfing applications on his versatile concerning the way that, just a bunch of utilizations make up the greater part of this absolute use however the presence over the gadget is a future lead, as the human brain doesn't keep things unnoticed.

Save the time to customer

Our services are very easy to use. These are very instant and capable of doing multiple tasks in one time. These services will save your time and as well as customers` time also.

android app development services in india