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Bulk Email Marketing

bulk email marketing

Email Marketing

One Core Technology has now started to provide you with the modular, scalable, and affordable bulk e-mail services.

Bulk E-Mail Marketing Services

E-mail marketing is one of the important functions which play an important role in the world of digital marketing. Instant messages and SMS have turned the face of internet marketing, but e-mail has their own place. E-mail is an essential element for business purposes. One Core Technology has now started to provide you with the modular, scalable, and affordable bulk e-mail services.

E-mail can be considered as the effective promotional tool or you can say that promotion is incomplete without e-mail marketing and newsletter services. Every organization starting from ISO certified company to small and medium scale organization are utilizing e-mail marketing services for client acquisition and retention programs.

Bulk mail services cover the full range of services related to your e-mails. It is the method of transferring the bulk e-mails to a various number of people who are using e-mails. It is the most responsive method of promotion on internet. Our main purpose is to build the e-mail messages as per your instruction and follow up them accordingly. We assure you to timely delivery and receiving of your e-mail.

We have a complete e-mail marketing service package in which we offer E-mail database for your business, state wise data, Credit card holder, manufacturer, student, car owner, NRI, businessman, and other more categories of client for their marketing and promoting adjectives.

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Advantages of Our E-Mail Marketing Services:

  • We assist you in reporting and analytics
  • We also do tracking and monitoring of your mail
  • We create special strategy for targeting customers
  • You will get assistance in tracking e-mail and managing your bounced e-mail
  • You will get web-based mass e-mail sending option that you can use from anywhere
  • We make personalized newsletter, mailers, and promotion material for your mass campaigns

Some Additional Features:

E-mail Templates

Technology development is the reality of this modern world. We make e-mail templates that will give you an amazing response from your clients.

Easy editing

If your time is spending in sending a lot of messages, then you do not need to do that. We will do it for you on our premium data base.

E-mail Optimize

We will send your bulk SMS by placing your IVR number in SMS content that will help you in getting the direct lead calls from the customers.

E-mail personalization

You will receive more and more traffic on your website and apps by bulk SMS with analytics.

Schedule e-mail

Despite of your business vertical, send bulk e-mail and SMS to your clients and notify them about your services.

100% responsive UI

You can personalize your e-mail by adding your name, age, and city.

Result Driven E-Mail Marketing

  • We will always furnish you updated details of bounced e-mail address with time and reason
  • We will build the follow up team which will able to understand the interest of your clients
  • We will help you to get access to important reports about the number of visitors who opened your e-mail
  • We will track your e-mail with the help of Google Analytics and integrate your visits, goals, and e-commerce objectives

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